Free Book Week

Over the next week we will be offering three separate titles for free beginning with

“Music Matters in Nursing Home Ministry”

This newly revised edition includes a workbook section for helping to put some of the ideas in this short book into practice. The title is available in e-book format on amazon or you can follow the link directly to the title. Music Matters will be available from now till Saturday June 4th. Be blessed!


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Music Matters

Encouraging Aging Voices to Sing

This is part two of a series on music ministry in the nursing home. Some of these principles will work both in your nursing home ministry as well as with the senior ministry at your church. Be blessed.

Music Ministry in the Nursing Home

Have you ever been  involved in music ministry at your local nursing home? Even if you have just tried going in sing Christmas carols, you will identify with many of the issues that “Music Matters” addresses. Do you have questions or are you struggling with trying to improve your nursing home ministry music? This small book gives both hope and practical guidance with a special emphasis on using both classic hymns and vintage popular Christian songs. There is also a special section on encouraging aging voices.

Available today on Amazon in e-book format.

music matters cover

Music Matters in Nursing Home Ministry