Sunrise – Sunset

So, death is at work in us, but life in you.  2 Corinthians 4:12 ESV

When we are in life changing situations, we may understand a little of the daily life of those in long-term care. We are forced to come face to face with questions like: “Do my family and friends really care? Do they really know what my daily life is like? What have I done that really matters in life?” or, “Will I have the faith and courage to face whatever lies ahead?” But if we stop to think how our world turns on its axis, we will realize that today our sunset happens at the exact instant a beautiful dawn is breaking for someone else. That is what the apostle Paul was telling his dear friends. While his own life hastened towards a sunset of suffering, the dawn of the light of God’s life was just beginning in theirs.

God puts a choice in each our hands. The more tightly we cling to the sunset of our own life, the less we will be able to light the fire of the torch of faith in others. But if like Paul, we simply release our spirit to God’s will, we will begin to discover as he did, the unending sunrise of God’s grace rising brightly in our hearts!

Saying Goodbye


I will be packing my bags tonight and tomorrow I will be going home. Some things won’t be able to fit so I am carefully choosing what to bring and what to leave behind.

James asks us what is our life: and answers,

James 4:14… It is a mist that appears for a little while then vanishes.

We are here for only so many years and then we must decide how to get ready for the final voyage. Will we leave behind bitterness and unforgiveness? Will there be enough room for the mustard seed of faith in Christ that we need for heaven? Will you be able to say that you can leave behind all unkind thoughts and leave unsaid harsh and critical words? Will we truly be able to go to God and tell Him we have loved our neighbor as He commanded?

When our bags are stowed and the flight is ready to board will we be prepared to joyfully give our kiss and trust the captain of our Salvation with the coordinates for our destination? When in our life things are right and ready then our goodbyes will give hope for the ones leaving on a later flight.