A Bruised Reed

A bruised Reed He will not break and a smoldering wick He will not quench until He brings forth justice to victory. Matthew 12:20

Just last week another house in our neighborhood was condemned and demolished. The house had the unfortunate problem of being too close to a storm sewer project gone awry. All the digging, rock breaking and steam rolling weakened it’s foundation. Once decided on the removal of 60 years of family dinners, children playing, and Christmas celebrations took just a few days. 

Around us every day are people just like that little home. Their biggest dreams and most careful plans are often undermined by someone else’s important project. Happy memories fade in the face of dark reality. They teeter just at the edge of life’s cliff. But the King who came to heal wounds and shine in darkness has put us right next to them. He has lit the fire of hope in our lives and by His wounds we have a healing message to share! Whether we wish to be in the demolition or construction business is a choice God is leaving up to us every day! What will you do for the Master builder today?

Always Pray


Always Pray and Never Faint

When our eyes first open and the sun peeks ikimg2456n

We can thank the Lord as our day begins

Or when storms close in with darkening skies

And we run for shelter to our dear Lord’s side

kimg1384When the corn is ripe or when the fields look dead

We can still thank God for our daily bread

When we’ve sinned and feel the guilt and shame

He forgives us if we ask in His holy name

When we’ve run the race as far as we can

He renews our strength when we pray to Him

In every day and through every night

In every victory and through every fight

When we stand up strong or when we fall down

If we’ll pray to the end He has promised a crownp1010267

It’s not by our wisdom that this battle’s won

Not by our own strength that the race can be run

He gives when…

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Starting in Nursing Home Ministry – Session Two

Here in the second session we look at beginning in nursing home ministry as in packing our bags for the mission field. Our mission field is different but many of the things we need to do are similar. We need to commit our time, prepare our expectations and learn the language and culture of our calling. Be blessed as you prepare for the journey of nursing home ministry.

Starting in Nursing Home – Why?

If you are just getting started in nursing home ministry this is a great time of year to do so. Over the next week we will present short teaching videos to guide you through some of your basic questions and challenges. Today we introduce this series with the question of why. Why would you or anyone for that matter want to get involved in nursing home ministry. Check out the video or for more information this short book is available on amazon.


Would You Do It For One?