God’s Open Door

Much of what we who are involved in nursing home ministry tell people is related to the need of the people in institutional care. That is because we see people every week struggling with loneliness, abandonment and depression. Life in a nursing home is a little like living a  rough neighborhood. While the staff may be doing everything they can to help there are issues of the heart that only God can change. That is where we as volunteers reaching into where they live with God’s message of hope have a wonderful opportunity to serve. Have you ever thought about going to the mission field? The good news is that there is a mission field right in your community called the nursing home. Do you wonder what it would be like to get involved? In this short video some of our team share what it is like. May you be encouraged today to step out through God’s open door where you live and get started in nursing home ministry! Have a blessed week!

Youth Christmas music at Nursing Home

This did take a while to process the video but I was so touched by our youth and by the help of all the parents this past Christmas. They sang, presented the nativity and helped to raise the offering that enabled us to give a copy of the Book by Joni Eareckson Tada “Spectacle of Glory to each resident and to some of the staff. What a blessing to be included with such a great group of people. It doesn’t take a group of professionals to share the message of Jesus. Be blessed!

A Bruised Reed

A bruised Reed He will not break and a smoldering wick He will not quench until He brings forth justice to victory. Matthew 12:20

Just last week another house in our neighborhood was condemned and demolished. The house had the unfortunate problem of being too close to a storm sewer project gone awry. All the digging, rock breaking and steam rolling weakened it’s foundation. Once decided on the removal of 60 years of family dinners, children playing, and Christmas celebrations took just a few days. 

Around us every day are people just like that little home. Their biggest dreams and most careful plans are often undermined by someone else’s important project. Happy memories fade in the face of dark reality. They teeter just at the edge of life’s cliff. But the King who came to heal wounds and shine in darkness has put us right next to them. He has lit the fire of hope in our lives and by His wounds we have a healing message to share! Whether we wish to be in the demolition or construction business is a choice God is leaving up to us every day! What will you do for the Master builder today?

To the Setting of the Sun



From the rising of the sun to its going down The Lord’s name is to be praised Psalm 113:3

The funny thing about sunsets is that they look a lot like sunrises. In this Psalm, David reminds us that, though the day has passed and many things have happened between morning light and sunset, one thing remains: God’s name is to be praised.

In my own life as I grow closer to sunset it sometimes I feel that the important things are in the past. I begin to think that nothing new or significant can still be ahead. But God’s word points to God’s never changing nature. No matter whether my alarm clock has just gone off or if the lengthening rays of sunset are approaching, there is still time to praise the Lord! He will be praised in my frailty as much as in my strength. He will be praised in my quiet days as much as in my busy ones. He will be praised when everyone applauds my first steps as well as when it is difficult to take the next one. God is ever constant, never changing, always faithful and always lovingly at my side.

The name of the Lord is now more than ever to be praised!