The Humility of Christ


Matthew 21:2-5 ...Go to the village ahead of you and at once you will find a donkey tied there, with her colt by her. Untie them and bring them to me… This took place to fulfill what was spoken by the prophet:
” Say to Daughter Zion ‘See your King comes to you, gentle and riding on a donkey and on  colt the foal of a donkey.’ ”

The most amazing thing about Jesus Christ was not just that He did miracles, raised the dead or taught the multitudes. What astonishes me is His absolute humility of character. Though Jesus had all power in heaven and earth available to Him, He was content to ride in to Jerusalem on a simple donkey.

God, the creator of heaven and earth, has at the very center of His being a humble heart. Humility was not just an act that Jesus put on while he was here. When Jesus rode in on the donkey or when He knelt down and washed His disciples’ feet, He was expressing to us the humbleness of the heart of His father.

On this Palm Sunday if we will be quiet in His presence He will show us our own place of service and  how to get there by whatever transportation that our Father thinks best!

It may not be on the mountain’s height,
Or over the stormy sea;
It may not be at the battle’s front
My Lord will have need of me.
But if by a still, small voice He calls
To paths I do not know,
I’ll answer, dear Lord, with my hand in Thine,
“I’ll go where You want me to go.”                               Mary Brown


Free Book for Easter Week

I have always loved Easter. On Easter Jesus Christ was raised from the dead and on that same day in 1971 He graciously did the same for me. I was one of those whom Bob Dylan perfectly described in  “Like a Rolling Stone” I had “no direction home”.

I nearly stumbled my way into an Easter service that Sunday with the promise of a free dinner afterward. Having neither home nor money at the time actually didn’t bother me as much as it should, but I just figured things would work out. Things did “work out” but only because God had far better plans than I could have ever come up with. On that Easter I finally chose to stop running from Him. The gift of life – real life- eternal life- has led me on the most amazing and astonishing journey for these past 45 years.

This Easter week I would like to give away in E-book format the full version of “WouDIGITAL_BOOK_THUMBNAIL (1)ld You Do It For One?”(Nursing Home Ministry for the 21st century) You will be able to get your free download from from Monday through Friday March 20-25.

If you are involved in Nursing Home Ministry or would like to consider getting started this small book offers inspiration as well as practical insights into the work of a nursing home volunteer. The last part of the book includes a seven session training workshop for small groups to work through as they prepare for the challenge and adventure of nursing home ministry.Here is the link. Be blessed!

Would You Do It For One?



Grace Notes

If we keep our ears and minds open it is amazing at who God can use to give us music lessons. A few years ago I used to stop by with my guitar to visit an elderly couple who couldn’t make it out to church anymore because of the husband’s health. But whether it was sunny or pouring rain, warm or in the middle of a snow storm, their two little parakeets would always sing. A few brief chords from my guitar and an opening note or two were all it took to stir them into full song. On rare occasions, when they were out of the cage I felt the brush of wings passing near my head as they flew past. They would pass close by me then quickly fly up to the highest point above the kitchen cabinets where they would perch and watch the show from their balcony seats!

blackberry June 2013 646

Their continual singing reminded me that in Heaven, in the presence of the King of Kings there are angels constantly praising and worshiping. The Bible tells us that they do not stop either day or night. We have here on earth an opportunity that the angels will never have. In heaven it never rains and the angels are never hunger, sick or tired. They sing because the beauty of the Lord’s Holy presence fills their hearts but we can be like my feathered choir members who sing whatever comes. Don’t be surprised as you close your eyes, if you feel the brush of wings passing by. It might be that God’s angels dip down to catch the sound of our grace notes and they fly off to their high places again and to sing!