Mansion Over the Hilltop

One of my favorite hymns to sing with my friends in memory care is “Mansion Over the Hilltop” by Ira Stanpill in 1949. His song has become a classic for every generation of Christians because it reminds us that our hope is not found on this earth. We may never have the “Forever Home” that is shown to us on television, but we can have an eternal home with Jesus Christ because of the cross! Why not join with us today and remember that faith in Christ is about more than health, wealth and fame. It is about the love of Jesus and the home that He has promised for all those who love Him and have surrendered their lives to Him!

New Year Update

After a long Christmas trip to join our family, we had our first service of 2023 on New Year’s Day. It is funny how God works out all the details of His plans. In the confusion of the first Sunday of the month being on a holiday, the assisted living facility where I visit had forgotten to have us on their calendar. Instead, there was an ice cream social scheduled! As I arrived and began setting up, so also did the staff who were getting ready to take strawberry sundae orders! So, we quickly put our heads together and decided that they would simply quietly take orders from the residents, and they could enjoy a little ice cream along with church. It was amazing how everything worked, including time for communion and the message. I am thankful for how God has guided us all through the past year. We have had several new volunteers and one additional facility that has opened its doors to visitation. Wherever we are God is with us as we do our best to obey His call to “Go into the world.” especially the world of widows and orphans. Have a blessed New Year all. I hope you enjoy this week’s video. When I asked for song requests, what else would they ask for than “How Great Thou Art.” There is no sweeter sound than to hear God’s people, who are living in long term care, singing praises with all their hearts to Him!

Love Lifted Me and our Unseen Grandson!

And the Lord came and called as before, “Samuel! Samuel!” And Samuel replied, “Speak, your servant is listening.” 1 Samuel 3:10 NLT

When the call goes out for helpers for nursing home ministry, many people don’t volunteer, simply because they feel they have nothing to offer. “I can’t sing – I’m not good in front of people'” or “I’m not sure what I could do.” are all common responses. This week, our oldest grandson Nathan came along with me to my Memory Care Thursday session. I was sad that he was too shy to sing and didn’t want to stand in the front with me, after being introduced. But today’s video is a perfect illustration of why, everyone can help. While I was busy singing for a small group of people, Nathan took a stroll down the hall and found a bunch playing cards in the dining room. So, he went in, introduced himself and invited them to come join our singing and come they did. In the video you see just two more joining but off camera there were almost another six or seven who came until our room was packed! Just as Nathan’s gift of encouragement, gathered many of our wandering lambs, so God can use you, if you will just make yourselves available. I hope you enjoy our extra short video this week and that you will simply ask Jesus, what He would have you to do. Have a blessed week all!

The Value of a Song

I will be your God throughout your lifetime— until your hair is white with age. I made you, and I will care for you. I will carry you along and save you. Isaiah 46:4 NLT

As we were singing “How great Thou art!” at the nursing home last week; it occurred to me that some of my friends could no longer remember where they were or how they had come to live there. A few had forgotten their children’s names and one or two, even their own. But as we sang that familiar chorus; most had no trouble at all remembering the words as we lifted up our voices in praise.

aniversario da igreja 002

As the last notes faded away I remembered that what really mattered was not how smart we were, how much money we had in the bank or where we lived; but in how much we mattered to God. He has given us His promise to carry us not only during our years of beauty and youth but on through white hair and failing memory. His love is an eternal and unchanging commitment. Even when everyone else forgets, Jesus will still take care of us. He has promised to carry us for a lifetime: and no matter where we live we can still sing to Him today!