Free Devotional

Ministering weekly for the last 23 years in Allied Skilled Nursing I have often wished there were more resources available for the residents. The reality of being partially disconnected from the local community and even their local church I see first hand the struggles and needs of people who have become my friends and extended family. Today I am making available a 31 day devotional called 31 Days of Hope for free this week in ebook form. If you are a family member a resident or a nurse this I pray thia month of readings will be a lifeline of hope that will draw you closer to God who is the truly Good Shepherd who has given us eternal hope in every dark place of life!

Free Book Week

Over the next week we will be offering three separate titles for free beginning with

“Music Matters in Nursing Home Ministry”

This newly revised edition includes a workbook section for helping to put some of the ideas in this short book into practice. The title is available in e-book format on amazon or you can follow the link directly to the title. Music Matters will be available from now till Saturday June 4th. Be blessed!


music matters cover


Music Matters

Free Book for Easter Week

I have always loved Easter. On Easter Jesus Christ was raised from the dead and on that same day in 1971 He graciously did the same for me. I was one of those whom Bob Dylan perfectly described in  “Like a Rolling Stone” I had “no direction home”.

I nearly stumbled my way into an Easter service that Sunday with the promise of a free dinner afterward. Having neither home nor money at the time actually didn’t bother me as much as it should, but I just figured things would work out. Things did “work out” but only because God had far better plans than I could have ever come up with. On that Easter I finally chose to stop running from Him. The gift of life – real life- eternal life- has led me on the most amazing and astonishing journey for these past 45 years.

This Easter week I would like to give away in E-book format the full version of “WouDIGITAL_BOOK_THUMBNAIL (1)ld You Do It For One?”(Nursing Home Ministry for the 21st century) You will be able to get your free download from from Monday through Friday March 20-25.

If you are involved in Nursing Home Ministry or would like to consider getting started this small book offers inspiration as well as practical insights into the work of a nursing home volunteer. The last part of the book includes a seven session training workshop for small groups to work through as they prepare for the challenge and adventure of nursing home ministry.Here is the link. Be blessed!

Would You Do It For One?



Free Workbook

DIGITAL_BOOK_THUMBNAIL  Wanting to get started in nursing home ministry and unsure where to begin? Our workbook containing seven sessions for a group wanting to get involved will be free beginning tomorrow until March 2nd. We have used this at our church and have a small but active group that has completed the training. Try it out. Let us know what you think. Be blessed!