Loving Amid Chaos

Rejoice with those who rejoice, weep with those who weep. 
Romans 12:15 ESV

Everyone I have met thinks that memory care ministry is a great thing to do, but very few are willing to stay involved for long. They enthusiastically come for a few sessions, and just about the time that the residents start to get to know them they give up. Am I saying that these folks are bad people? Absolutely not! These are the one percent who gave it a shot, and if you are a part of that group, I applaud your willingness to do so! The problem is that for most of us our daily lives, though stressful, are fairly organized, and life in memory care is many things, but organized is not one of them! But as believers in Jesus, we are called to go into our chaotic world and share His love and message. Is this easy? Jesus never said it would be – but in today’s verse, the Apostle Paul gives us a strategy on how to do exactly that. We are never to change the message of Jesus, but we are asked to enter into the world and emotions of those to whom we are bringing it.

As for me personally, I like a ministry opportunity to be prepared, planned and flawlessly executed. The reality in memory care is that people fall asleep, ask questions in the middle of prayer or a nurse walks in to bring medications to a resident while we are trying to pray. That’s memory care ministry. But don’t give up, get discouraged or quit. Jesus didn’t call us to always be organized, He did command us to love. Loving means weeping sometimes, when someone no longer remembers their children as well as laughing when they knock over your camera while you are filming (happened yesterday!) But when we stick it out through all the weeping and laughing for long enough, then the amazing miraculous love of Jesus Christ will begin to make a difference, both in their hearts and in ours. Don’t give up, walk out or turn away. Memory Care Ministry doesn’t always smell good, it is usually noisy, and restricted by lots of complicated rules, but Jesus loves them, this I know, for the Bible tells me so! Are you ready to go on an adventure with God? Then the mission field of memory care, might be the place that you will find it!

Today’s song was recorded this week at Sunshine Christian Home memory care. Paula is a volunteer who comes in to sing with me regularly and she lives in an independent living apartment nearby. I hope you enjoy hearing the voices of our Thursday morning memory choir. The blackened area on the left of the film was an edit to preserve the privacy and dignity of one of our residents. Have a blessed day everyone!

How Does God’s Love Lift Us?

If you have ever sung this song, have you wondered just exactly how God’s love lifted us? Today I shared a story of when our three-year-old son was hurrying to go to church because he knew his grampa and gramma were going to be there. So instead of holding his mom’s hand and walking on the sidewalk, he cut across our lawn, but as he ran, his little toes tripped over tree root. Though he was unhurt, he muddied the beautiful white turtleneck shirt he was wearing from top to bottom. Now Nancy did not spank him, laugh at him or even yell. Instead, she quickly brought him inside, cleaned him up and put a clean shirt on him. Then she gently led him by the hand down to our car and off we went! In the same way, Jesus picks us up when we have fallen in the mud. Washes us with His own blood and dresses us in the white robes of his righteousness. Then He lifts us up and leads us all the way to Heaven. All we have to do to keep holding onto His hand!

Madeline Let’s Her Light Shine

What a wonderful time I had at nursing home today when my granddaughter volunteered to come in and sing with me! The people just lit up when they saw her in the front, and it was heartwarming seeing their eagerness to sing with her. When young people come to visit – it is better than any medicine that the doctor can prescribe! I hope you love this week’s video and that you will go out wherever you are and let your light shine for Jesus!!

Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven. Matthew 5:16 KJV

Old Time Revival In Memory Care

Clap your hands, all peoples!
    Shout to God with loud songs of joy! Psalm 47:1 ESV

If you think we only sing some old slow hymns at our Thursday morning meeting, then you have never joined us. If we did that half my folks would fall asleep! So, I invite you to join us for this medley which I titled, “Country Hoedown at Sunshine Home. Get ready to clap, maybe stomp your feet and please feel free to sing along!