The Heart of Jesus Christ

Jesus didn’t spend a lot of time preaching to crowds in the synagogues. he was more comfortable among lepers, tired fishermen or curious sinners. Nursing home ministry isn’t something extra it is in fact a part of the heart of Jesus Christ! Anyone can do nursing home ministry – even you and me!



Starting in Nursing Home – Why?

If you are just getting started in nursing home ministry this is a great time of year to do so. Over the next week we will present short teaching videos to guide you through some of your basic questions and challenges. Today we introduce this series with the question of why. Why would you or anyone for that matter want to get involved in nursing home ministry. Check out the video or for more information this short book is available on amazon.


Would You Do It For One?

Music Matters in Nursing homes 3

Here is the final and most important session discussing the issues of relationship and ministry. The relationship we have with people whether we are in music ministry, sunday school or the pulpit sets the table for how our message will be received. If you view only one of these sessions this should be the one. be blessed