Encouragement for Aging Voices


Music Matters Passing the Torch

This summer, the Olympic flame will be carried over the distance of 20,000 kilometers throughout Brazil by 10,000 runners till the flame is finally lit in Maracanã Stadium in Rio de Janeiro. That run will not be about who is the fastest or who the best athlete is. That race will be about carrying the torch until the flame is lit. Nursing home ministry is in same type of race. We are not in competition with other people or other churches. It is time for new hands to take hold of the torch and new legs to run the next lap.


The work of music minister in a nursing home is not widely recognized but we who are involved on the front lines see how God uses songs to reach hearts in ways that nothing else can. Music matters, not because it is trendy but because it is created by God. Music matters because it connects generations and gives us joy. Music matters whether we sing a Sunday school song or an ancient hymn. Music matters because it has the capacity to encourage, strengthen, awaken and minister God’s peace in troubled situations.

Music Ministry in the Nursing Home

Have you ever been  involved in music ministry at your local nursing home? Even if you have just tried going in sing Christmas carols, you will identify with many of the issues that “Music Matters” addresses. Do you have questions or are you struggling with trying to improve your nursing home ministry music? This small book gives both hope and practical guidance with a special emphasis on using both classic hymns and vintage popular Christian songs. There is also a special section on encouraging aging voices.

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Music Matters in Nursing Home Ministry